Profoto Twin Head (Bitube)

£ 26

The Profoto Twin Head shares the form factor of the ProHead, but has 2 flash tubesĀ instead of the usual one. This allows you to either halve the flash duration by putting both tubes into the same pack, or double the output by attaching it to 2 separate packs.

This means you have a possible 4800ws of output from one single light source. The Profoto Twin HeadĀ is able to output a maximum of 6000ws


Maximum Watt/Seconds 6000 w/s

Cable Length 16.4′ (5M)

Modeling Light Wattage 500W

Dimensions 3.9 x 11.2″ (10 x 28.5cm)

Weight 5lbs 10oz (2.6kg)