Mathews Magic Stand With Runway Base

£ 24

With the Runway Base added, the Magic Stand can be a regular rolling light stand. It can be a high rolling light stand, and it can also convert to a two section light boom with its own rolling stand. Whether a light needs to be placed at floor height, or behind as a hair light, or over a table for a product shot – this stand can do it all!

Made with a standard 1-1/8″ Junior Pin at the bottom, the Magic Stand riser could be added to the Combo Stand as a very unique stand extension or inverted to hang from a C-Clamp into the set. The top riser incorporates a  “Magic Finger” to add to its versatility.


Max Height: 150” (3810mm)

Min Height: 54.5″ (1384mm)

Capacity: 40lbs. (18kg)

Weight: 37lbs (17kg)

Footprint: 32″ (812mm)

Folded Base: 21” (583mm