Arri M40 2.5K/4K HMI

£ 330

The Arri M Series are HMI fixtures with a unique multi-faceted, paraboloidal-ellipsoidal reflector. In less science-ey terms, the fixture combines the benefits of a PAR reflector (high output) with those of a Fresnel (crisper, even shadows, and more pleasant fall-off) into a “best of both worlds” light.

The M40 is available with a 2.5k bulb or a 4k bulb as well as the option for a regular or high-speed ballast.

We also offer M series fixtures in 1.2k/1.8k


Weight: approx. 19 kg / 42 lbs

Dimensions w/ spigot (H x W x L): 839 x 505 x 524 mm / 33 x 19.9 x 20.6″

Dimensions w/o spigot (H x W x L): 706 x 505 x 524 mm / 27.8 x 19.9 x 20.6″

Accessory Diameter: 400 mm / 15.8″ (Scrim)

Barndoor: 413 mm / 16.3″

Mounting: Spigot 28 mm / 1 1/8″ (1.1″)